Wills ‘playing Harry at own game’ in change from Queen’s approach, experts claim

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Prince William has reportedly decided to take a different approach to the Queen by "playing Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at their own game", royal commentators have suggested.

The Sussex's groundbreaking interview with US talk show host Oprah Winfrey was just one instance of the couple candidly hitting out at their time in the Royal Family.

In the interview, which originally aired on CBS in the US on March 7, the couple made a number of shocking claims which addressed concerns of racism in the monarchy and sharing Meghan's devastating battle with mental health.

Royal watchers have now claimed that William has decided the strategy "to smooth things over" has not been working and is instead leading a fightback after the Queen's efforts to make peace supposedly failed.

The Mail on Sunday’s diarist Charlotte Griffiths said: "William had felt that the smoothing over hadn't been working for quite a long time at that moment.

"He felt decisive action was needed, that he needed to play them at their own game."

Ms Griffiths claimed that William changed the approach that his grandmother had been taking.

She noted: "The smoothing over that the Queen had been doing very diligently, the moment Meghan came on the scene, wasn't paying off at all so William thought he would try a different tack."

This comes as Ms Griffiths noted that the new ITV documentary – Harry and William: Where Did It Go Wrong? – exposes the tough line taken by William in the face of resistance from Harry.

It has been reported that Omid Scobie appeared in the first cut of the documentary alleging that the Cambridges leaked stories about Harry's mental health. It is understood the claim was pulled from the final cut after a complaint by William.

She said: "A new picture is emerging that William is much tougher in this situation than we previously thought.

"He was not taking any nonsense from very early on it seems."

Royal author Duncan Larcombe, who is the former Royal Editor of The Sun and author of Prince Harry: The Inside Story, has remarked that William is "dreading" Harry and Meghan's next move amid reports that the couple are planning to become "influencers".

Mr Larcombe said that William wanted the couple to stop "cashing in on the royal brand" by "continually talking about the royals".

He told OK! magazine: "What do they do next? That's a question Prince William is dreading the answer to."

Meghan and Harry announced they would be stepping back as senior members of the Royal Family early last year.

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