Winnipeg ‘Fraud Café’ returns with expert advice on avoiding scams

Winnipeggers are getting the chance to sit down and chat with some of Manitoba’s shrewdest fraud fighters to learn how to avoid being taken by scammers, swindlers, and con artists.

For the second year in a row fraud experts will offer free advice over coffee and snacks during two events held at Winnipeg malls later this month.

The idea, dubbed “Fraud Café”, attracted more than 250 people when it launched in 2019.

“It’s not hard to lure people over with free coffee — but we really took pride in being able to assist people from all walks of life, some who had very serious matters they needed guidance on,” said Jason Roy, an investigator from the Manitoba Financial Services Agency (MFSA).

“Statistically, fraud is a very under-reported crime, but this kind of atmosphere makes it easier and more comfortable for people to ask questions and share their own experiences.”

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