Woman baffled as thousands of small polystyrene balls flood her home for weeks

Thousands of polystyrene insulation balls were leaking into the home of a mother which left her helpless.

Michelle, a mother-of-one, has been suffering with the problem since last December in her council property in Bedminster.

The insulation material would stream through extractor fans before the issue was finally fixed last week when Bristol City Council staff replaced the extractor fans and blocked the vents.

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While Michelle, a support worker, is undoubtedly "really glad", she admitted the repairs shouldn't have taken as long as they did.

Michelle, who lives at the property with her 18-year-old son, was so inundated with the balls that she could sometimes fill an entire carrier bag full of them daily.

The problem was said to occur when workers who replaced the fans damaged the cavity wall, which caused the common insulation material to leak out.

Michelle said the council then blocked the fans but in turn caused black mould to spread around the home.

Michelle told BBC West she believed the media coverage her story received was the reason the council acted on the issue.

"I've had a solicitor looking at this since last June and the the council haven't done anything – [the repairs] are definitely due to media coverage," she said.

"No more balls in my food or cups of tea."

Further problems of sewage been leaking under the floor of the bathroom were found by council staff as Michelle said it had caused her respiratory difficulties.

"I think not having the damp and mould will really, really help with my chest and I'm hopeful now that things will start to improve in terms of my physical health," Michelle said.

She admits she wants to meet with council bosses as she said: "I really want to speak to them because they really need to get their house in order".

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