Woman baffled to be told she ‘doesn’t exist’ after taking a DNA ancestry test

A student was left puzzled after she was told that she "didn't exist" after receiving Ancestry DNA kit results.

Lydia Ellen, who asked to be referred to by her first and middle name, took to social media platform TikTok to question who she was following confusion with her test results.

She said she first thought something was up when she asked her mum for her medical records ahead of moving to university, and noticed that her MMR jab was dated in July 1997, despite her being born in May 1998, reports Liverpool ECHO.

The 23-year-old said: "I was very very confused… I asked my parents and they were just as confused, as obviously, my mum would know when I was born and vaccinated because they had me and took me for them!

"There was nothing that ever made me question my age if I'm honest! Most people always thought I was younger than I was!

"I thought it must be an innocent mistake."

A few years later, Lydia had become curious about her family background and ethnicity so ordered an Ancestry DNA test for her birthday.

Her results showed 34% of her genetic make-up can be traced back to England and northwest Europe, with North West England featuring prominently in her results.

But she was left "shocked" after she struggled to start her family tree.

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She said: "I obtained my results, saying my origins are mostly from the UK, however, when I went to type my name and date of birth into Ancestry to start off my family tree, it stated there was no one with my name and birthdate on record, only people with my name with a different birth date?

"There was no one with my name and date of birth existing."

After looking into the confusing matter, Lydia was told her vaccination records are a simple mistake and said she can only assume Ancestry was wrong because they have few records on her.

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"Regarding Ancestry, I can only assume it's because they have very few records on me because I haven't moved, gotten married, died etc," she added.

"We don't know where my birth certificate is currently, but I'd imagine I must've seen it before at some point or it must've been used.

"We've examined other records that line up with my birth date! I've had no trouble obtaining legal documents however."

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After sharing her story to her 60k followers on TikTok Lydia was "overwhelmed" by the response and even found other people who had been through the same thing.

Lydia added: "I've had an overwhelming response, sadly lots of hate… however there have been a handful of people say that the same has happened to them.

"I've even had some people try and work out who I am by delving into records and even missing peoples cases!"

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