Woman charged with manslaughter of Kim Kardashian lookalike after bum injections

An unlicensed cosmetic surgeon has been charged with causing the death of “Kim Kardashian lookalike” OnlyFans model Christina Ashten Gourkani.

Christina, who died aged 34, began her modelling career as a fitness influencer before undergoing a number of cosmetic enhancements to exaggerate her resemblance to the reality star.

It was after she underwent one of these procedures – an injection intended to enhance the curves of her bum – that she suffered a cardiac arrest and died.

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Steve Wagstaffe, District Attorney for San Mateo County District in California, USA, says that it’s currently unclear what was in the injections, as the toxicology report is pending.

The injections are believed to have been administered by Vivian Gomez, who was arrested on April 20 at Florida’s Fort Lauderdale airport and charged with involuntary manslaughter and practicing medicine without a license.

Mr Wagstaffe said that Gomez had travelled to a hotel in California and gave Ashten “several injections” of an unknown substanceon April 19.

Surgeon Dr. Michael K. Obeng told People Magazine: "Most of these illegal injections are made with silicone, and silicone or any foreign substance can migrate within the body, which can lead to infection and hardness over time, deforming parts of the body.

"And as with any injection, it can go into your bloodstream. And if it gets in the bloodstream, it can block the blood vessels and cause necrosis [or dead tissue]. So that's a huge danger."

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Ashten’s family have launched a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for for her funeral.

On the page, they wrote: "In the early morning hours at approximately 4:31am on 4/20/2023 our family received a tragic phone call from a family member who was frantically screaming and crying hysterically on the other end of the line….'Ashten is dying…Ashten is dying’.

"A phone call that instantly shattered our world and will forever haunt our family for the rest of our lives.

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"If you knew Ashten, you knew that everyone mattered to her.

“She was such a caring and loving free spirit that always took the time to bring a smile to anyone's face she crossed paths with.

"She was the kind of person that would kneel down and talk to children at eye level, she searched for the lonely person in the corner and made them feel special as she has such a gift of connecting with people."


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