Woman had £46k winning lotto ticket in her purse for over a month with no idea

A woman who bagged herself £46,000 in winnings on a lottery ticket says that the ticket sat at the bottom of her purse for months.

The Powerball winner said that the ticket, which turned out to be a £46,000 ($50,000)-winning ticket, had sat in her purse for some time before she realised she had in fact bagged a massive prize.

The St. Louis, Missouri woman told lottery officials that she had bought the ticket for the July 16 draw at a store in Manchester and tucked it away in her purse.

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She had subsequently forgotten her purchase, and didn't realise until she visited a second store months later.

Upon appearing at a store to check a different Powerball ticket, she discovered her previous ticket from over a month ago buried deep in her purse.

The £46,000-winning ticket was quite the surprise for the unnamed woman, who says that it was quite the present.

She said: "I am just so grateful and happy. It's a good present for me."

Quite the present for the woman that forgot she had bought the ticket, while in the UK a lucky unnamed person has bagged themselves a whopping £171million after a lucky jackpot draw.

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The National Lottery had announced the winnings, with one customer lucky enough to jot down seven correct numbers, including the two Lucky Star numbers.

It bagged the currently unknown individual a hefty £171million, yet despite the huge win it doesn't put them anywhere close to breaking the record for most money won.

That record is still held by someone that chose not to go public, with a ludicrous £195million won.

The second highest winnings from the National Lottery comes from Joe and Jess Thwaite, who bagged themselves £184million after their ticket pulled off a very lucky win.


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