Woman has rotting black toe and yellow nail after toxic millipede hid in shoe

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A young businesswoman has told how she freaked out after a toxic millipede left her big toe black and her toenail bright yellow – then killed it and went about her day.

Businesswoman Thassynara Vargas, 25, got a shock when her big toe turned black after it came into contact with a millipede that had sneakily crawled into one of her shoes.

The insect, which has more than one pair of legs and no feet, landed in her right trainer when she popped on her shoes before going to the store she owns in the neighbourhood of Taquara in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro.

When she arrived at work, Thassynara said she realised she had company.

She explained on Instagram to her 2,500 followers: "I killed it, put my trainers on again and got on with my day.

"When I got home at 7pm, when I took off my trainers, I saw my foot was like this. I fell into total despair. I started screaming, shouting for help.

"My mother put me in the shower, I started to wash my feet with soap and none of that 'stain' came out. I called my boyfriend and we rushed to the hospital straight away."

The young woman was seen to by three different doctors before she found out what had happened.

She said: "I was informed I would have to take good care of the wound, as these animals release a substance that burns the skin, and this secretion they release rots the skin.

"This part that's black, it could flake off. I may lose the nail, but they said that's pretty standard."

According to the young woman, her toenail turned yellow due to a toxin released by the bug.

She said: "I'm issuing this warning so that whenever you're about to put on a shoe, you look, tap your shoe on the floor and pay close attention before putting it on. Please be very careful."

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