Woman plummets to her death after slipping from rollercoaster seat 26ft in air

A woman tragically died after reportedly plummeting to her death after slipping out of her seat on a rollercoaster in Germany.

The unnamed 57-year-old fell 26ft at the Klotti Wildlife and Leisure Park in Klotten, in the west of the country.

The tragic incident is understood to have happened at 4:30pm on Saturday (August 6).

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Bild reports that German police have begun to work to find out whether the death "was the result of the fault of a third party".

From Sankt Wendel in the Saarland region of Germany, the woman is thought to have slid from her seat as the rollercoaster went around a corner, before falling from the track to the floor.

The medical response was hampered by difficult access to the site of the incident, although reports have not yet confirmed the full details of the operation to try and save the woman.

Public prosecutors said on Monday "there is currently no initial suspicion of criminal conduct", The Mirror reports.

The ride has since been inspected by Germany's Technical Inspection Association (Technischer Überwachungsverein, or 'TÜV') to assess the safety of the attraction.

The site, which first opened in 1970 as a wildlife park, was closed for three days but the silence was broken by a message on the Klotti Park Facebook page last night.

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The statement included information about the reopening of the park, which was scheduled for today (Tuesday 9). The ride the woman fell off was also approved for reopening by the TÜV, but park officials have reportedly decided not to let people back on yet.

The statement said: "Starting tomorrow the 9th August 2022 we will reopen our Klotti park.

"Authorities are still investigating the cause of the accident. Meanwhile, the on-site investigations have ended and the roller coaster affected by the accident is opened for operation.

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"Nevertheless, we decided to have the system inspected again by the TÜV as a precaution. Therefore, the roller coaster remains temporarily closed.”

The statement added that they were "still very affected" by what had happened.

"Our thoughts are with the family, we wish them a lot of strength and confidence in these difficult times", it said.

The Daily Star has contacted the Klotti Wildlife and Leisure park for comment.


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