Woman ‘traumatised’ after spitting out ‘crunchy’ beetle in Chipotle burrito

A woman claims she is "traumatised" and has vowed to never eat at Chipotle again after allegedly finding a half-eaten beetle in her burrito.

In a clip she uploaded on TikTok, Tori Kinley recalls finding something "crunchy" in her food and spitting it out, thinking it might be a tough bit of corn.

Tori, from Florida, US, says she was horrified to instead find the legs and half-chewed body of a mystery bug which she at first thought was a cockroach.

She says: "I used to eat at Chipotle all the time. One of my favorite restaurants. I am never eating there again

"I was eating my burrito and I bit into something crunchy and I was like oh, interesting.

"And I spit it out thinking it was like crunchy corn or something dried.

"And then I ate something else that was crunchy and I spit it out. And I spit out a cockroach leg."

Tori says she called poison control for advice and they warned her that the bug might give her food poisoning.

She then drank some diluted apple cider vinegar and went back to Chipotle in disgust to complain about the ordeal.

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Tori's "biologist friends" reckoned she had eaten a beetle rather than a cockroach.

She explains in an update: "They said the leg was too big to be a cockroach.

"Apparently cockroaches taste like shrimp, whereas beetles are bitter. And what I ate was very bitter.

"In case you're curious what a beetle tastes like, it tastes of a crushed-up Tylenol [known as paracetamol in the UK]."

Tori says she didn't get sick or throw up and Chipotle had given her vouchers for free food she doesn't intend to use.

Her story has been watched a million times and people were horrified.

One user said: "Literally would have thrown up.

"I'm sorry that happened to you that's actually traumatic. I'd be scared to eat again."

A second person said: "You poor thing oh my god.

"Good luck for the next two days."

Someone else commented: "I worked at Chipotle it's clean just depends on a good or a bad location."

Daily Star has approached Chipotle for comment.

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