Woman who raped boy, 12, brags about taking his v and made him call her mum

A woman has been arrested on multiple sexual abuse charges after she allegedly had sex with a 12-year-old boy several times.

18-year-old Morgan Roberts, Kentucky, is charged with sodomy, rape and sexual abuse.

The victim allegedly told detective Jason Compton that he had three sexual encounters with the 18-year-old.

The first encounter happened at the boy's home in Ludlow, Kentucky, where he states Roberts "touched his penis with her hands, performed oral sex on him, and had intercourse with him".

The boy's horrified mother reported the alleged relationship after finding a sickening text on her son's mobile phone.

“I took your V card and you liked it,” Roberts allegedly texted the boy.

Talking to Law&Crime, Attorney Rob Sanders said: “We take sex crimes very seriously, especially those against children.

"The fact that this defendant is female makes the case somewhat unusual, but no less serious.”

Police said two other minors who were in the know about the situation claim that Roberts "admitted to having intercourse" with the 12-year-old boy.

Every one of the three minors interviewed claimed that "Roberts makes them call her 'Mum,'" according to statement.

Officers also said that the victim was able to "describe physical features of Roberts which would not be readily visible unless he had seen her without clothes.”

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Attorney Rob Sanders told WCPO: "She was associating with, befriending children that were significantly younger than she is, that were far below the age of consent in Kentucky, and that’s how we believe she came into contact with the victim in this case."

Roberts was eventually arrested on last month after officers tried for weeks to locate her residence.

There is not thought to be any additional victims, despite the 18-year-old's alleged tendency to hang around with minors.

Roberts was given a $10,000 bond in late September and is currently out on bail.

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