Woman who suffered ‘hell’ after lip fillers welcomes ban on Botox for children

A woman who reportedly had 'years of hell' after getting lip fillers to try and look like her favourite celebrities by her 18th birthday says she welcomes a ban on giving Botox to children.

Anna Russel said the Botox gave her three years of confidence issues and complications after running with the injections when she was only 17.

The operation left her lips swollen after the Botox spread unevenly and gave her lumps of 'unknown' filler that filled out across her face.

Anna, from Edinburgh, has now decided to back a government ban being introduced tomorrow (1st October) which prevents all Botox treatments for anyone under the age of 18.

The government decided to take a stand on the 'Botox epidemic' after a so-called 'Love Island surge' led to more than 41,000 procedures on under-18s last year alone.

The now 22-year-old claims she used to be convinced her lips were too thin but the operation left her crying every day with no confidence.

In a tragic turn, she was told by a doctor the unknown substance she was given had been injected haphazardly.

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"It completely warped my self-image because I was already insecure when they looked like that," Anna said.

She added: "It changed the way my whole face looked and how I felt about my face.

"For ages, I didn't even look at myself In photos."

Anna now urges any young person thinking of the procedure to 'just wait'.

"So much can change in a year so the way that you feel right now, you might not feel that way in a year," she said.

Campaign group Save Face said complaints about botched procedures had jumped nearly ten-fold in five years with 2,083 last year, up from 217 in 2016.

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