Woman who watched dog maul bloke to death pays weird tribute to put-down pooch

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A man killed in a dog attack has been named locally as his family describe "the worst day of their lives" – as a witness paid tribute to both the victim and the pooch.

Keven Jones tragically went into cardiac arrest after he was bitten by the animal, named Cookie, which is understood to have been an American Bulldog type.

Keven's son Josh's partner Chanel Fong, who was at the scene of the attack in Wrexham, North Wales, said she had to watch "two men I love so much take their last breath".

She described the horror of having Keven's blood on her hands after giving him CPR and hearing Cookie crying as he was being put to sleep, Mirror reports.

Writing on Facebook, she said: “I heard Kev say get off me Cookie… so I went into the kitchen, told Cookie to get down which he did.

"Anyone who has come into contact with Cookie knows how much of a big fat head play boy he is.

"He’s not aggressive in the slightest.

"Just thinks he’s still a small pup and bounces around rather than walk…"

She added: "Kev said he’s got me there and as I looked down there was blood pumping from Kev’s leg.

"I grabbed Cookie's blanket from his crate to try and keep the wound from bleeding. I carried him to the sofa and called the ambulance.

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"Kev was with me but unresponsive, he grabbed my shoulder and told me he was going.

"I told him he wasn’t and the call handler told me to lie him on the floor and do compressions. Seven minutes it took for the ambulance service to get to us. It felt like I was doing compressions for an hour.

"I want to thank North Wales ambulance service, air ambulance, North Wales Police and their special dog handling team.

"But after working on Keven for 45 mins he didn’t take another breath."

She added: "Today has been the worst day of my life.

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"I have had to watch two men who I love so much take their last breathe.

"I can’t shake the feeling of Keven’s blood off my hands and all I can hear in my head is Cookie's cries.

"Cookie did not attack Keven, he’s a big boy and plays too rough.

"Please respect Josh and his family, myself and my family at this absolutely heartbreaking time.

"Cookie was euthanised in the back garden by a trained vet and the other dogs were checked over by the dog handling team, our special girl Fire was taken as she has an athletic build however the rest they were happy with and they are all tucked up in bed.

"Rest in peace my darling stupid boy Cookie-Doe and forever rest in peace with a beer my amazing father in law Keven Jones AKA Odde.”

A police spokeswoman said: “The dog was securely contained at the property and was euthanised by a vet.

"Other dogs kept at the property will be temporarily kennelled whilst enquiries are ongoing.”

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