Womans American Bulldog bit food delivery driver on the back

A dog owner is left devastated for being fined after their pet bit a food delivery driver on the back.

An American Bulldog cross owned by Dawn Leadbitter was in the garden when the victim pulled up to drop off a weekly food shop at the address. The court were told that as the delivery driver approached the property he had to walk past a 4ft fence.

The fence was keeping the dog in, but reports say the animal jumped up over the fence and sunk his teeth into his torso, reports Chronicle Live.

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The delivery man suffered bite wounds to his "flank" and the attack was later reported to the police. Leadbitter, 41, of Beverley Road, in Whitley Bay, was spoken to and subsequently appeared at Newcastle Magistrates' Court this week to plead guilty to having a dog dangerously out of control and causing injury.

Prosecutor, James Long added: "As he walked past the fence, which was 4ft high, to go towards the defendant's property, a dog jumped up, reached over the fence and bit him on the right side of his torso, causing bite marks on his flank."

The court heard that the dog had been recused from an adoption centre and had never behaved in such a manner before.

Mark Harrison, defending, said Leadbitter had since put in place a number of measures to make sure something similar never happened again.

Mr Harrison continued: "The delivery driver was walking past the fence carrying the very appetising smelling food. The dog was excited by the delivery driver's presence but we think he jumped up in order to get the food he had in his hands."

Fining Leadbitter £300 and ordering her to pay £85 costs and a £120 victim surcharge, District Judge Paul Currer said: "You have pleaded guilty to what is a serious offence. The starting point for such an offence, when applying the guidelines, is six months in custody.

"However, that's not what I'm considering with you. It a serious offence because a dog, especially a powerful dog like yours, being so out of control and injuring somebody is serious. I'm confident you have done a lot since. You have taken steps to make sure such an incident won't happen again and I'm heartened by that."

The dog was also made subject of a contingent destruction order, where it must be kept muzzled and on a lead at all times in public or risk being put to sleep.


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