World’s biggest nightclub which hosted up to 10,000 now looks ‘absolute state’

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The world's biggest nightclub and an Ibiza institution is looking sad and decrepit after two years of Covid-induced shutters.

Superclub Privilege near San Rafael could hold 10,000 clubbers each pulsating night and hosted the likes of Freddie Mercury, Madonna and David Bowie.

The massive summer party venue covers an area of 69,968 sq ft – the size of an airport hangar.

But after 20 months of being left to the elements, Superclub is looking an absolute state.

Paint is peeling off the walls, metal fixtures are rusting in the sun and decorative features are weathering outside.

Buses which used to transport thousands of passionate clubbers to the hottest night in town have had their windows smashed and outsides covered in graffiti.

Privilege started in the early 1970s as an innocent restaurant and swimming pool, but after being bought by footballer Jose Antonio Santamaria in 1979 became more risqué.

By the mid-90s it had a reputation as a gay highlight of the Balearics and was renamed Privilege in 1995.

The likes of Boy George, Madonna, David Bowie, Joni Mitchell, Tina Turner, Kylie Minogue, Spandau Ballet and Freddie Mercury stepped through its hallowed doors during its heyday.

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The Queen singer and Montserrat Caballe filmed the video inside the club for their song Barcelona.

Privilege is also mentioned in the film Kevin & Perry Go Large.

Covid restrictions in Ibiza mean nightclubs can only operate seating and outdoor spaces.

Anyone familiar with Privilege will know that's not the beach haunt's style.

Known for its heavy dance and techno nights, the super-club depended on ground-shaking crowds packed in for its unrivalled reputation.

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During the pandemic, that has become impossible.

Superclub Privilege has been closed for almost two years, though the true toll of its closure only became clear in recent depressing images.

Just last week Ibiza changed its Covid restrictions to mean social gatherings between 2am and 6am can go ahead without restrictions.

But Superclub Privilege will need plenty of time to get back on its feet.

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