World’s worst child abuse case which left girl unable to work

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A 13-year-old girl from California was subjected to horrific abuse that saw her tied up in a homemade straight jacket and forced to live in social isolation.

The girl, given the name Genie to protect her identity, went through the world’s worst case of child abuse experts have seen.

Genie was saved by officers in 1970 after her mother accidentally walked into the wrong office.

She walked in with Genie to the welfare office who became concerned over the young girl who looked about seven but was really 13-years-old.

They reported that Genie could barely eat and struggled to extend her limbs.

The abuse started several months following her birth, her father Clark Wiley thought Genie was mentally disabled and discouraged his wife and son from speaking to her.

As Genie got older, her father continued to keep her confined to a bedroom.

Investigators believe she was confined to a child's toilet for 13 hours using a harness of some kind before being placed in a sleeping bag in a crib.

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The crib was said to have a wire cover to keep Genie locked inside it.

If Genie made a noise, her father would hit her with a large plank or bare his teeth and growl at her like a dog.

He would also beat if he did not like the sound Genie was making, which caused Genie to make as little sound as possible.

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Despite her advancing age, her father refused to give her solid food so her diet was mostly liquid and baby food.

She was also forced to eat quickly and if she choked or was slow, the food would be rubbed in her face by whoever was feeding her at the time.

Once the extent of the abuse came out, Genie's father was questioned by police and committed suicide on the morning he was due to appear in court, according to The Guardian.

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Genie’s brother John, who also lived with the family until running away, spoke to ABC News and said: "My house was like a concentration camp."

John was also beaten by his father for his growing sexuality and had his legs tied to a chair and had his testicles pounded with the same plank he beat Genie with.

Genie is currently in her 60s and is being looked after at a private adult home for the mentally disabled in Southern California.

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