WW3 fears as China, Russia, UK and US all admit no one can win in nuclear war

In the event of a nuclear war, the world's superpowers including China, Russia, the USA and the UK have been forced to admit there will be 'no winners'.

The global behemoths and France have taken the move to announce the futility of a nuclear war in a rare joint statement.

Between them, the countries hold the lion's share of nuclear warheads, with Russia and the USA thought to have 6,375 and 5,800 weapons each respectively.

The statement, which was posted on the White House website reads: "We affirm that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.

"As nuclear use would have far-reaching consequences, we also affirm that nuclear weapons—for as long as they continue to exist—should serve defensive purposes, deter aggression, and prevent war.

"We believe strongly that the further spread of such weapons must be prevented.

"We reaffirm the importance of addressing nuclear threats and emphasize the importance of preserving and complying with our bilateral and multilateral non-proliferation, disarmament, and arms control agreements and commitments.

"We remain committed to our Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) obligations, including our Article VI obligation “to pursue negotiations in good faith on effective measures relating to cessation of the nuclear arms race at an early date and to nuclear disarmament, and on a treaty on general and complete disarmament under strict and effective international control.”

The statement comes as a great reassurance at a time when the geopolitical world is anything but stable.

Talks of a possible World War Three were recently touted as a possibility by Ukrainian minister Yuliia Laputina should Russia invades Ukraine.

Speaking to Sky News, Laputina said her country is ready to defend itself if Mosco launches an attack.

She said: "If Russia will invade you know, you should also take care about the Balkans. What Russians are doing now in Serbia – they try to provoke a situation in the Balkans.

"But we also take into account [the beginning of] World War Two."

The minister believes the invasion could lead to a third world war.

She added: "Yeah. Yeah. Because geopolitically, it looks like this is a possible scenario. So… we should pay attention to the Ukrainian issue because of the security of the continent.

"This – the spreading of war in case of Russian invasion to Ukraine – will be much wider than Ukraine."

Meanwhile, in non-nuclear but equally concerning news, the US has allegedly been beaten by China to developing heat-seeking hypersonic missiles that are capable of hitting moving targets on land, water and in the air.

The claim has been made by Chinese researchers and threatens to add heat to the ongoing competition between the superpowers to develop and stockpile the biggest and best weapons.

Back in August, China denied testing a hypersonic missile. However, a projectile is thought to have circled the earth which the Americans fear was a missile test.

The Chinese meanwhile claim the launch was for a spacecraft.

The US is believed to have started making its own version of the hypersonic tech back in February.

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