Yeti man spotted tackling snowstorm as freezing locals celebrate his return

While most people usually have to wait for grit to be sprinkled along the roads before they can travel in the snow, one city in America simply has to wait for their resident Yeti to arrive.

Each year locals anticipate the return of the 'Boston Yeti', who can often be found tackling the snow by making space on sidewalks with a shovel.

This Yeti is actually John Campopiano from Somerville, who sports a white furry costume when wintry conditions cause snowfall.

The 37-year-old was first spotted in 2015, as he got to work with his equipment and helped cars that succumbed to blizzards.

He is best known for making announcements about his appearances on Twitter, where he has gathered a fan base of over 7000 followers, reports

On Friday, he posted to his thousands of followers for the first time since August last year, and said he has returned as the blizzard prepared to take Massachusetts by a storm on the weekend.

He said: “I’m not feeling salty about this pending snowstorm. In fact, I’m excited! It looks like this storm is gonna be a doozy. Btw, I’ve missed you all.

"Thank goodness [Meteorologist] @MattNBCBoston has been keeping us all informed. Be safe and stay Yeti ready."

His dozens of fans have been celebrating following the announcement and said they are happy that he is "alive".

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One person said: “If you are [new] to Boston snow, there is someone dressed as a Yeti, or perhaps an actual Yeti, who emerges to shovel where needed. It is magnificent."

While another person wrote: "Not excited for the snow, but I am excited to see that @BostonYeti2015 is going to be back in action."

A third user commented: "Thank goodness our very own Boston Yeti is ready for the storm!"

It has been reported that some areas of Massachusetts have recorded as much as 2.5ft (75cm) of snow, wowing locals this weekend.

Storm Nor'easter has also struck parts of New York with heavy snowfall and coastal flooding, with the storm set to move over to Maine, reports BBC.

John Campopiano previously told the Boston Globe that he initially wore the Yeti costume as a joke but realised that people actually needed him.

“I’m definitely cognisant of the expectation that the Yeti is coming out once the flakes start flying,” he said.

“I take the job seriously in terms of recognising that lots of people look forward to hearing from him and seeing him on social media when the weather takes a turn for the worse.”

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