Zoo tragedy as wild fox massacres four beloved kangaroos at their new home

A group of beloved kangaroos have been found mauled to death only weeks after arriving at their new home in a zoo.

The gruesome discovery was made by a young worker at a zoo in Germany after a fox broke into their enclosure and went on a rampage.

The roos – Lotta, Zali, Paula and Cooper – had been moved to Luckenwalde Zoo in the west of the country only recently, reports the Mirror, but the animals were killed when the fox went for their necks.

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Cops managed to corner the fox and a marksman was called in to shoot the predator dead.

The marsupials had already become a hit with visitors, with more than 6,000 people queuing to see the Aussie hoppers since their arrival.

“We quickly found the tracks of a large fox, which we followed to the break-in point,” said zoo director Philipp Herrmann.

“The moat froze overnight and the fox took advantage of the fact, entering the kangaroo enclosure via the neighbouring deer enclosure.

“While the pain will remain with us for a long time, we will now work to improve the animal welfare at the facility.

“New challenges will soon be introduced at our zoo to improve animal husbandry, such as the construction of the walk-in Australia aviary in 2023.”

Mr Herrmann added: “For the entire staff, this loss is incredibly tearful.

“Responsible animal keeper Martina, who is currently on vacation, was informed and she could not hold back her tears and anger.

“After three very hard and difficult years in which we laid the foundation, the kangaroos were the first reward for us and the incredibly loyal support of visitors.”

In October, visitors to the zoo were told that the number of species had halved in recent years because of a fall in the number of animal births, and deaths owing to old age.


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