Added 30,000 km in last 2 years on my Maruti Dzire: Ownership update

The in-gear acceleration at highway speeds is practically non-existent with people and luggage on board.

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Almost 2 years and 30k km later

At the outset, I would like to apologize for not maintaining/updating this thread properly/regularly like others in the forum and for reopening an almost dormant thread.

A lot has happened over the past 20-odd months. The return to the office full time (5 days a week) from the year beginning has reduced my highway travels to a trickle. And to add to my woes, my office is on the dreaded outer ring road, near Sarjapur, which makes a 1-way travel distance of 32 km from my house.

I guess, not just the Bangalore folks, but the whole community would know that travelling daily on that route is a nightmare come true. Hence, have been taking the office cab which has further reduced the time I get to spend with my car.

Well, with that pretext/context out of the way, let me update a few pertinent things about the car below:

  • 50k service cost – INR 11k
  • Overall city mileage: 13-14.5 km/l
  • Overall highway mileage: ~21 km/l (if stuck to 100 km/h)

Please note that I always keep the AC on and that the mileage drops by 1.5 km/l for every increase in 5 km/h above 100.

Additional details about the car:

Now for the elephant in the room:

The engine. That bloody dual jet engine

I had previously mentioned that the engine is lethargic. During the city rides, you can overcome that lethargy by keeping the 1800-2000 rpm range while shifting gears. But out on the highway, the dual nature of the engine becomes very evident.

As many have mentioned for the K15 dualjet engine on XL6, the same characteristics apply here as well. The in-gear acceleration at highway speeds is practically non-existent with people and luggage on board. One needs to be extremely careful while trying to overtake. Your judgement has to be very precise and on point, otherwise, things can go awry very soon.

With all being said and written, the car is still a hoot to drive in the city and on open stretches. The handling and the nimble steering which weighs up nicely at higher speeds give enough confidence to drive a little spiritedly at times.

Well, that was about that. Hopefully, I will be able to update this thread more frequently. Thanks for patiently reading up till here.

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