Chevy Silverado Crushes C8 Corvette In Crazy Crash, Everyone Walks Away

Here’s a nightmare scenario for anyone who drives a low-riding sports car. Before diving into the story, the good (and surprising) news here is that nobody was injured. As for the bad news, the pictures should make that quite obvious.

This unwelcome Chevrolet meetup took place on September 18 in Thornton, Colorado, a suburb of Denver to the north. Specifically, the crash happened at the intersection of Colorado Boulevard and 168th Avenue, also known as Country Road 2. Crews from three municipalities responded, with the Thornton Fire Department sharing these spooky images of a Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck perched squarely atop a C8 Corvette.

We call these photos spooky for two reasons. There’s the obvious shock factor of having pickup truck wheels perched just outside the Corvette’s cockpit. You can bet its occupant (or occupants, we don’t know how many people were inside the ‘Vette) had a moment of terror as the Silverado came to rest on the windshield. The second reason is a question we’re still trying to answer โ€“ how did it get up there?

Modern pickup trucks are certainly sizable machines, and with off-road packages they can ride pretty tall from the factory. However, this particular Silverado (which looks like a facelifted third-gen truck) may not even have four-wheel drive. The wheels appear to be modest mid-level Chevy rims wearing equally modest tires, and there are no visible suspension upgrades. Judging by the grille, it could be a truck in LS trim and even if it’s a 4×4, we don’t see a Z71 badge denoting the optional off-road upfit. For all intents and purposes, this should be one of the lowest-riding late-model Chevy half-ton trucks you can get. And yet here it is.

Photo Credit: Thornton Fire Department

As for the Corvette, it’s always been a low-slung sports car and the mid-engine C8 certainly isn’t an exception. We can see this one is a Stingray, both by the design of the front fascia and the Stingray emblem on the engine cover. Does it have aftermarket suspension? That’s a question only the owner can answer at this point, because you know, a 2.5-ton pickup truck crushing the car tends to compress the springs. Kudos to that A-pillar though. We don’t know how it looked immediately after impact (there are jacks supporting the truck in these photos) but it was at least strong enough to prevent injuries.

Google Maps tells us this particular intersection is a four-way stop in a rural setting, so that adds even more fuel to this mystery. Still, it’s not like crazy crashes never happenย โ€“ lest we forget the Ford Explorer that legit drove up and over a C4 Corvette at an intersection back in July 2022. That was a slow-speed event, though the position of the truck and the visible damage on the front of the Corvette in this crash suggests a bit more speed was involved. contacted both the fire and police departments in Thornton in hopes of getting additional context on this collision. We’re awaiting a response, and we will share that will all of you as soon as it comes in. Until then, stay safe out there everyone. And for crying out loud, please stop driving over Corvettes.

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