Lexus RZ Gets New Base Model Powered By Its Front Wheels

For 2024, Lexus will make the RZ more affordable with a new entry-level model. After introducing the electric SUV in January 2023 as a posher and more powerful version of the Toyota bZ4X, the automaker now releases details about the new model year, which brings the new RZ 300e entry-level variant.

One of the standout features of the RZ 300e is its decent EPA-estimated range of up to 266 miles. Powered by a 72.8-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery by CATL, the zero-emissions high-riding model achieves a total system output of 201 horsepower. A substantial change between the AWD and the new FWD models comes in the form of a subframe, which replaces the rear eAxle found in the all-wheel-drive model. This design enhances the vehicle’s stability and also contributes to a smoother and quieter ride, Lexus claims.

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In addition to the introduction of the RZ 300e, the 2024 RZ lineup sees a cosmetic refresh with the inclusion of Copper Crest as an available exterior color option in both mono- and bi-tone configurations. Furthermore, all models now come standard with a dual-voltage charging cable compatible with both 120V and 240V outlets.

The RZ 450e continues with a 71.4-kWh battery pack and two electric motors with a peak power of 308 horsepower. This gives the SUV a 0-60 miles per hour acceleration in just 5.0 seconds. For 2024, the vehicle achieves an EPA-estimated range rating of 220 miles when equipped with 18-inch wheels.ย 

The introduction of the new FWD version of the RZ makes the electric vehicle significantly more affordable than before with a starting price of $55,150 with destination and handling fees included. As a reminder, the Toyota bZ4X kicks off at $43,350. The base AWD version of the Lexus โ€“ the RZ 450e Premium โ€“ starts at $59,850, making the model $200 more expensive than last year. Full pricing can be found below, all prices include destination.

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