Living with my Ducati 848 EVO Corse: First wash & busted fork seal

I will have to do a little more investigation on why only the left fork seal pops out.

BHPian SnS_12 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

From the time Bianca came home in April this year I have never washed it myself and all I did was wipe the loose dust accumulated on the bike with the Jopasu duster and I was good to go. But, with the last Sunday maiden highway run and the busted left oil seal it desperately needed to be washed so it was cardio time and I decided to wash both Bluebird and Bianca.

With the ceramic coating, it does make the cleaning process easier and faster and I didn’t polish both the bikes as they would soon go in for their six monthly coating maintenance to OCD. The coloured rims are definitely the most difficult and time-consuming to wash especially the front with multiple spokes and limited access due to the big dual front rotors. However, the rear is a different story altogether, especially with the single-sided swingarm and the underseat exhausts giving plenty of access.

After two highway runs I can now say with confidence that Bianca is the best handling motorcycle I have ever ridden. The stiffness of the chassis, the suspension and the overall riding triangle just adds to the riding experience and just adds up to the confidence especially when you start cornering and surprisingly even fast corners feel slower maybe as it’s just so effortless and comes naturally with this setup.

Obviously, the moment you go over slight undulation or broken roads the bike throws you off and rattles all the bones in your body but a small price to pay for experiencing this masterpiece on Indian roads. I am sure if I had ridden this bike only on open highways I would have never ordered that CNC clutch slave or the Tappezzeria seat covers as you don’t experience the discomfort unless you encounter traffic or broker roads. So, these parts will only help in managing the bike in an environment for which it was never designed.

With just a little over 25% of the running in to be completed the excitement is building up to experience what is in store at 5.5k rpm and beyond

Some pictures…

All set for another Sunday outing.

The others waiting their turn as the new favourite bike in the collection gets all the attention for now.

Breakfast for champions lip-smacking akuri and mutton keema with crispy dosa.

My Shoei Accolade grabbed the attention of Freddy Daruwala and his friend who were interested in knowing more details about it.

At this pace, I could have completed the running in five weekends if only things with riding bikes went as planned.

I was secretly praying that the busted oil seal would self-fix itself. This time we will have to do a little more investigation on why only the left one pops out…

Few pictures clicked by the talented Mr GP (Gauranng)

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