Method to boost your EV’s range and boost your charging power

Whilst the Government recently pushed back the proposed ban on new petrol and diesel cars by five years to 2035, many motorists are making the switch to an electric car.

However, with drivers often suffering from range anxiety, the fear of running out of charge, Kia has advised motorists on how they can get the most miles out of their EV.

First, the company stated that electric car owners should always be mindful about how they treat the battery in their vehicle, with a spokesperson for the company advising them to warm it up before setting off.

They explained: “A great way to boost the range of an EV, especially in winter, is with a heat pump, which adjusts the temperature of your car while preserving your battery power.

“Heat pumps use a small amount of energy to draw heat from a variety of sources to heat up the cabin or the battery pack and are available on some electric cars or added as an optional extra.”

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Kia also recommended that drivers can cover a longer range by removing any excess weight from their vehicle.

Much like a petrol or diesel car, unnecessary items in the car can force the motors to work harder, reducing the distance the vehicle can travel.

The company also added that motorists should also remove accessories that are not currently in use, such as a roof rack, to improve aerodynamics.

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In addition, Kia’s spokesperson also encouraged EV drivers to take advantage of regenerative braking, which charges the battery with kinetic energy when coasting.

They said: “Regenerative braking is a clever way to save energy while driving, and this feature is found on most electric SUVs, with Kia’s full EV line-up having a comprehensive version.

“Regenerative braking is an energy recovery process that turns kinetic energy into electricity. This is used to optimise efficiency, and the recovered energy can be used immediately to boost your battery or can be stored until it is needed.”

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Finally, Kia stated that drivers can improve the range of any vehicle by making sure that its tyres are correctly inflated.

Underinflated tyres have a higher rolling resistance, meaning that there is a higher amount of friction with the road.

Motorists should check their vehicles pressures every other week or before any long journey, using an accurate gauge when the tyres are cold.

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