Multiple warnings pop up on my Tata Harrier: SUV has done about 15000km

The service advisor suspected a rat bit and told me that the wiring harness replacement could cost Rs 50,000 to 60,000.

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Completed one year of ownership in July. The third service was done without much fuss, but before I could pen down an ownership review after 15k kms, an interesting issue showed up.

Driving down the Bangalore NICE highway while returning from my Udupi trip, I saw some warning lights come up. The car was functioning normally, except the drive modes knob and hill descent button were not working. I continued as usual since I thought this might be some sensor issue. The ABS light had also shown up, so I drove at a limited speed. The brakes were working normally.

After reaching home, I examined the car and noticed a dangling wire near the rear left wheel.

Took the car to the service center today after waiting for a week for an appointment. SA’s first guess was that it could be because of rat infestation. But we typically have no rat issues both at my place in Udupi as well as in Bangalore, so I presently would not believe that to be the case.

The car is at the service center and the SA casually also mentioned that if this is a rat infestation the wiring harness replacement could cost 50-60k. I feel that if the SA gives me that kind of quote, I will ask for pictures, and if not satisfied, I will take my car back and go for a second opinion. Does that seem wise or am I overreacting?

He also mentioned that the dangling wire is the ABS wire and might need replacement.

Coming from a Hyundai that never saw the light of a service center for issues, this is definitely an inconvenient change.


Got the issue fixed last week at Kropex Service, Koramangala. Obviously, this wasn’t a rat issue. SA told me that the rear ABS sensor fell apart and he got it replaced under warranty.

For the Drive mode and hill descent malfunction warnings, however, he said that they had to perform DPF regen and this happens when the fuel is adulterated. No way to verify though.

The overall service experience was decent. The car completed 15000 km on the drive back from the service center. I need to reset that clock!

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