Pictures from my visit to the Shelby Headquarters & Count Kustoms

A surprisingly small display area, filled with priceless original Shelby creations.

BHPian AKTransAM recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

This is another of the really cool spots we stopped off at on our recent road trip (the previous thread was the Pomona Swap Meet). We ended the trip for the weekend in Las Vegas, and on the last day we stopped off at Shelby headquarters to check it out. It’s actually a surprisingly small display area but filled with priceless original Shelby creations. The really large area behind the display area and store is the work bay. Very neat place to check out! The other place we stopped off at was Counts Kustoms (from the show Counting Cars if you’ve watched it). This place was even tinier, but neat since it’s actually his workshop area with a small display of their cars.

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