Tesla Cybertruck Leaked Photos Provide Best Look Yet Inside And Out

The Tesla Cybertruck will finally launch in production guise next week on November 30, exactly four years after the original prototype was first shown in public.

Tesla will start customer deliveries of its first electric pickup truck next Thursday and will hopefully announce long-awaited details such as battery and drivetrain specifications, performance and range numbers, and pricing.

Until then, new photos and videos of the Cybertruck continue to do the rounds online, including a new set of images that look very professional—so professional that we have a strong suspicion they are leaked official press photos of the Cybertruck.

The photos were posted on X by @ya78756632, but they were initially uploaded on Weibo by user xiaohongshu, whose watermark appears in the lower right corner of each image.

The pictures provides the best look yet at the Cybertruck’s dashboard—seen here with the white trim—including the touchscreen user interface (UI), the square steering wheel, the massive center console, the sporty seats, and the glass roof.

One of the photos offers a close-up of the touchscreen display, revealing a part of the menu. We get to see the control tiles for the tonneau cover (open/close), suspension settings (entry/low/high), steering and mirrors adjustment, headlights, child lock, window lock, sentry mode, car wash mode, and more.

The front seats have generous side bolstering and perforated material, which suggests they are ventilated and heated.

There’s also a shot of the frunk with the lid open, revealing a decent capacity but nowhere near comparable to the F-150 Lightning’s. In addition, a close-up shot shows the triangular side mirror cap and the ginormous windshield wiper.

Finally, the photos include a nice shot of the Cybertruck seen from the front as it drives. It’s worth noting that the fit and finish looks great both on the outside and the inside in all these images, at least from where we’re standing.

Fortunately, we got more than just new photos this week as Tesla revealed via advertising posters placed at its showrooms that the Cybertruck has a towing capacity of 11,000 pounds and a payload of 2,500 pounds.

While it’s unclear which battery-motor configuration these numbers correspond to, they prove that the Cybertruck is a serious pickup—it trumps all of its battery-electric rivals released so far when it comes to payload, and is only matched by the Rivian R1T in the towing department.

The banner also mentioned that the Cybertruck’s bed is made of ultra-tough sheet molding composite (SMC), that the glass is shatter resistant, and that the truck has an ultra-hard stainless-steel exoskeleton, with all these attributes coming together to make it “the world’s toughest truck.”

We’ll probably learn more about that on November 30, when Tesla will deliver the first Cybertrucks to customers—only 10 vehicles may be handed over at the event taking place at Gigafactory Texas, according to Tesla’s product design director Javier Verdura.

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