Would I recommend a Toyota Hyryder after driving it for a year?

Its hybrid powertrain is its biggest strength not only for its fuel efficiency but also for its super responsiveness.

BHPian S2!!! recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

1 year, 12,000km update

Most of my observations are similar to what I have shared in my previous posts.

So this time, I’ll just get to the numbers instead.

Tank full to tank full fuel efficiency:

  • Best: 26.5kpl (80% highway + 20% city)
  • Worst: 18.5kpl (100% city)
  • Average: 21.1kpl


Even though my car is driven in Eco mode at all times, ambient temperatures and climate control settings have a huge impact on fuel efficiency. As explained by someone from the product team, the e-compressor exerts a tremendous load on the Li-Ion battery, which in turn relies on the engine (generator) to recharge it, thus impacting fuel consumption.

When climate control is set to 22 deg C or below, fuel efficiency drops below 20kpl (with ambient temperatures above 30 deg C). 23 deg C and higher is a relatively economical setting, however, to cool down a sun-baked cabin does load up the e-compressor initially. So, short drives will be very inefficient with figures falling to single digits occasionally; only once the car is cool, does the FE improve and from thereon the numbers rise above the 20kpl mark.


  • Rs 3,200 – prepaid maintenance package (Smiles Package), opted for at the time of purchase, which covered all service+labour costs up to the 10,000km service.
  • Rs 2,200 – got wheel alignment and balancing done at the service centre itself.
  • Rs 22,400 – Zero Dep insurance renewal (didn’t have No Claim Bonus)


  • Occasional creaking sound around the gear lever area.
  • Wireless charging pad suspends charging if the phone moves even half a centimeter.
  • Making/receiving calls via Wireless Android Auto is a hit or a miss. Sometimes after the first 5 seconds, neither party can hear anything. This isn’t a network-related issue!


These minor niggles aside, the car is fantastic. I like how it looks. The interiors feel reasonably upmarket and space for four is decent. Its hybrid powertrain is its biggest strength not only for its fuel efficiency but also for its super responsiveness, which makes overtaking trailers and trucks a breeze. I also like how the suspension feels – tough over bad roads and confident on the highway. Moreover, this is a fill-it-shut-it-and-forget-it type of car which does what’s expected of it rather well. Would I recommend it – I most certainly will!

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