Locals in Europe’s most overcrowded country put up fence to deter tourists

Whether you prefer a city break or a week on the beach holidays can be fun and relaxing. Unfortunately, when your destination is way to busy it often ruins the enjoyment of the place.

Most of us jet off to Europe for our breaks as it’s close by, cheap and the weather and landscapes are beautiful. But, the mainland is also extremely popular with holidaymakers from all over the world. It turns out that one country is even more overcrowded than the others though as it has three tourists to every local resident.

Due to the massive number of tourists Austria is ranked as the most overcrowded in the continent, according to research by MoneyTransfers.com. The study showed that Austria has a shopping 3.6 tourists for every local. It had a total permanent population of around 8.9million – but sees 32million tourists each year. Most of those visitors are heading to the capital city of Vienna.

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The Austrian capital has heaps of iconic landmarks such as the Schonbrunn Palace, the Vienna Opera House, Belvedere Palace and the Museum of Natural History. Architectural buffs might also head to the beautiful St Stephen’s Cathedral or St Peter’s Catholic Church. Those who want the best views of the city can book to ride on the Viennese Giant Ferris Wheel or you can admire the most iconic buildings of the Habsburg empire by strolling around the Ringstrasse.

The Museums Quartier is a fantastic spot to visit too as it houses the Leopold Museum which is full of art from famous artists and the MUMOK which shows contemporary art including some from Andy Warhol.

The are also has lots of cool cafes, restaurants and a sculpture park. You can even play some mini golf while there.

Thankfully the size of Vienna means it can generally handle a large number of tourists. But, not everywhere in Austria is coping as well with being so overcrowded – and one town even erected fences to put off visitors.

The small town of Hallstatt, a village by Lake Hallstatt, is believed that the beautiful area was the inspiration for Disney’s Frozen and has, as such, become a hotspot.

The charming town with rustic buildings and a rising cathedral tower sits on the clean lake with snowy mountains in the background, so it’s little wonder it is so popular – but locals are not happy. Earlier this year, villagers raised a fence to block the views to try and stop tourists from taking photos, while others have marched the streets to protest the traffic jams and congestion caused by visitors.

There are still other areas in Austria that tourists can visit – but it's best to stick to larger cities which can handle the many added people. Graz is a hidden gem with a historic old town that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with small boutiques, narrow streets and pretty walkways. It’s been compared to Venice and Split for its gorgeous looks.

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