Ex-KGB female James Bond seduced spies and now tells women how to bag any man

A former Russian spy who spent years seducing foreign agents has revealed tips and secrets for women to get exactly what they want.

Aliia Roza, 39, was born behind the iron curtain in Kazakhstan and became a spy for the Russian government following the fall of the Soviet Union. Her top secret missions saw her become an expert on the "psychology of men".

Soon the "female James Bond" (as she describes herself) found herself dishing out the details on how to bag any man in a ยฃ200-an-hour course. She now makes ยฃ1.5million-a-year.

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Aliia has an army of 2,000 members who are hoping to learn the tricks of the trade. She claims her members learn how to get whatever they want, and says the "Super Lady" subscription offers them access to exclusive red carpet events.

Aliia said any woman can join the group, adding that she uses the tools in her "daily life". She said: "When I organise an event I invite them for fashion presentations or afternoon teas, I have access to celebrities and luxury fashion brands that it's hard to get.

"They come and meet each other, hang out, have a drink, and get really exclusive access. When I was in school I was nerdy and bullied. I was the only Asian looking person amongst a crowd of white people, and the kids bullied me. They used to call me ugly because I had pimples. I was very insecure."

Aliia claims seduction power is not about looks or confidence, but "charisma".

She said: "Both my mother and father were part of the Soviet secret services, so I guess it was natural for me to go into it too. They taught me everything about spying, how to walk, how to put on makeup, and, most importantly, how to understand the psychology of men.

"It was like being a female James Bond. They created our charisma – our aura – and taught us the best techniques to seduce people. All these techniques I have since adapted to my daily life. Whether you are overweight, short, whatever, itโ€™s all about charisma.

"The best thing to do is to stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself everyday and find five features you like about yourself. It doesnโ€™t matter what it is – it can be a facial feature, or even your feet or hands. It's like tricking your brain into thinking 'Iโ€™m a goddess'."

Aliia has also revealed her top five tips that she tells members: 1) Never give direct answers to questions. 2) Never sleep with a man on the first date. 3) Worship yourself in the mirror to build your self confidence. 4) Make yourself horny before a date. 5) Pretend you have heard something about the man you are dating – and keep them guessing what it is.

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