Lawyer quits job to turn full-time pet psychic charging £450 to speak to animals

A "real-life Dr Dolittle", who ditched her £60,000 a year job to chat with animals, is now raking in even more as a pet psychic.

Nikki Vasconez, 33, from Philadelphia, US, was once a full-time property lawyer but decided to follow her dream of becoming an animal communicator. Just a year after she started learning how to talk to critters in September 2020, she began advertising her services on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

She quickly found herself fully booked for months. and rakes in a ton of cash by charging £450 per appointment. Nikki said: "I was so miserable in my previous job, I was working huge hours and was just unhappy but was too scared to change. Until this came along."

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"I started out practising on family and friend's pets, and some stranger's animals for free but as soon as I created social media accounts, I began to gain a steady following and it wasn't long before requests started pouring in."

Nikki was amazed by the response, with around 4,000 people on a waiting list requesting her newly-acquired services. In her unique method, Nikki looks at a photo of the pet and telepathically asks them questions. Her list is now said to have around 7,600 people on it. She then reads the answers on her phone so owners can hear their full conversation. The pet psychic is given the pet's name, gender and the names of people in the home beforehand.

She admits to stopping herself from delving too deep, to prevent her "human brain" from altering the messages, although she doesn't claim to "hear their accents" or "tone of voice", and insists she can always sense their personality.

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Explaining her role in more detail, she told the Daily Mail: "I communicate with the animal by receiving images or thoughts in my mind, as well as feelings in my body. It's a way for the animal to express what they want or need, like or dislike – it's a two-way conversation with animals that are living or those that are in spirit.

"It's very much like a dialogue like I'm having with you right now, but with the animal. Like a back and forth. It's just like if you were talking to a human family member."

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