Moment Russian soldier avoids Ukraine grenade only to land directly on a mine

This is the moment a Russian soldier avoids a Ukranian grenade only to land directly on a mine.

The hapless Russian is seen diving for cover as the grenade falls from the sky.

After narrowly avoiding the grenade, which explodes upon impact, the soldier trips over a hidden land mine.

Smoke then billows up into the sky as the camera pans out to reveal the destructive aftermath.

Vladimir Putin is poised to face yet more embarrassing setbacks on the front line in the coming months.

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Russian soldier avoids a grenade only to trip a mine.
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A senior US defence official said on Thursday that the US has been able to improvise and build a new missile launcher from radars and other parts contributed by allies and partners that it plans to ship to Ukraine this autumn.

The system will be able to launch AIM-9M Sidewinder missiles, which the US announced Wednesday it will send to Ukraine in the latest aid package.

At the same time, US engineers have been able to work with Ukraine to modify a Soviet-era Buk air defence launcher so that it can fire RIM-7 missiles, which the US has in large quantities.

Ukraine has a number of the Buk systems, but its supply of missiles has been dwindling.

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Both of those systems, the official said, are moving to Ukraine this autumn, in an effort to meet critical air defence needs as it struggles to retake territory the Russians have seized and gain a solid battlefield footing as the muddy season hits ahead of the winter freeze.

The official spoke to reporters on condition of anonymity to provide a battle update.

The innovations have given the US another way to pour weapons into Ukraine, even though Congress has not approved any new funding for the war.

A small but vocal contingent of Republican lawmakers opposes sending US money overseas for the fight against Russia and forced its removal from a temporary spending measure that prevented a US government shutdown on Oct. 1.

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