No end in sight for 73F mini-heatwave which lasts days into October

The UK’s late autumn heat will last through the first week of October and beyond, weather maps suggest, with an unusual mini-heatwave seemingly on the horizon.

While the country has seen the mercury plunge in recent weeks following shock mid-September 30C highs, the trend likely won’t last much longer.

As October begins, weather maps show temperatures increasing by nearly 10C on some days early on, with forecasters expecting ‘above average temperatures’ for more than a week.ย 

The Met Office has outlined the potential for “above average” temperatures until October 26 this year.

But the agency hasn’t forecast a smooth ride for the entire country, with outbreaks of strong winds and rain also on the cards.

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Recent weather maps from WXCharts and have shown low to mid-20C highs in early October.

WXCharts, which uses data from MetDesk, shows much of the country remaining comparatively cool – between 12C and 18C – until September 30.

From October 1, the trend quickly changes, with showing the mercury rising to 22C in London by 3pm that day.

On October 2, the temperature remains roughly consistent, remaining at 20C around the same time, while parts of France across the Channel report highs of 28C.

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The temperatures rise and fall over the following three days before reaching 23C on Saturday, October 7.

According to the Met Office, the chances of above-average temperatures remain until October 11, on the tail end of its closest long-range forecast.

The forecasters predicted a period of “unsettled” weather, with the country dotted by rainy showers after October 2 and some “stronger winds” in the north.

Southern regions will receive the lion’s share of drier conditions, with a “broadly changeable setup” and “some lengthier drier interludes” in the mix.

The more distant October 12 to 26 forecast adds that the chance of above-average temperatures remains during a “settled” period, although there is less accuracy when predicting this far ahead.

The forecast states: “Temperatures are more likely to be above average than below average overall but with chilly nights in settled conditions.”

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