Psychic’s eerie 2024 prediction of huge earthquake in a very wealthy place

A psychic has issued a chilling prediction for 2024 that could have major consequences for a very wealthy part of the world.

Craig Hamilton-Parker, who had in the past been dubbed the “New Nostradamus,” took to his YouTube channel to upload a new episode of Coffee with Craig. In the video, he discussed what he foresaw for the next year, 2024.

He spent some time discussing his predictions for US politics, before moving on to wider issues. One of which was a concerning loss of power to the US.

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Craig said: “Another thing I foresee is power shortages and blackouts in America. And, I particularly saw big blackouts in California and Texas – Texas where there’s loads of oil, and California, where there’s loads of oil.”

Expanding on the theme, he said: “I can also see it’s sort of like infrastructure damage or something of some sort. Perhaps damaged by a weather event, hurricane or something like that – something that is not just cables coming down, something that is very hard to fix.

“Some piece of infrastructure that generates energy being taken out of action – a damn, perhaps? Something like that. Some piece of infrastructure in trouble.”

He then took this to a new level, claiming it tied in with other things he has seen, noting that he reckoned there would be some “major earthquakes in the US” in 2024. “I see it all up the West coast… perhaps this is affecting infrastructure… it's going to be something bigger than just a shake”.

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