Rachel Riley fumes as Londoners ‘appear to celebrate Hamas terror attack’

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    Television star Rachel Riley has been left stunned after stepping out of a cafe in London to find supporters of Palestinian terror group Hamas supposedly celebrating on the streets.

    Rachel, who is Jewish, took to social media to express her disgust at what she saw after “popping into a cafe” with her children and “Ukrainian friends” to pick up some baklava. She posted a video of a group of Palestinian flag waving blokes dancing and singing to music on the streets of Acton, west London, in celebration of the attacks launched on Israel earlier today.

    So far, more than 200 people have been killed in Israel with 1,100 injured as a result. The Countdown presenter posted on X, formerly Twitter: “Acton, half an hour ago.

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    “Popped into a cafe for some baklava with the kids and our Ukrainian friends. People have been brutally murdered, kidnapped and there are people in London dancing.

    “Just had a reassuring call with the police, if anyone is scared, please call them. They are putting extra resources into making sure these situations don’t escalate and people remain safe and feel safe and working closely with the brilliant @CST_UK (Community Security Trust).

    • Brit saw 'blood flowing through Israeli streets' as war declared on terror group

    “I’m grateful to them all. Most people understand this is an abomination. No one should cheer war and death.”

    And earlier, she also told of seeing two cars in the area waving “Palestinian flags” while “celebrating”.

    “I just passed two cars in West London driving with Palestinian flags flying from each window, bouncing up and down in their cars, seemingly celebrating like they were having a party,” she posted. “Make no mistake, this is a dangerous and terrifying time for all Jews around the world.”

    Rachel's video was viewed more than 1.6million times, with her post about the two cars being viewed more than 2.2million times. Many took to social media in support of Rachel as a result.

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    One wrote: “This is a public order offence. We’ve already seen pro-Palestinian car convoys calling for the rape and murder of Jews. Not here. Not on the streets of the UK. Arrest them all.”

    Another posted: “Every time a single Palestinian has died in this conflict, they declare their condemnation of Israel. But when hundreds of Jews are murdered, kidnapped and raped, they're all either silent or openly celebrating.”

    A Met Police spokesman told the Daily Star: "We are aware of a number of incidents, including those that have been shared on social media, in relation to the ongoing conflict in Israel and the border with Gaza. The Met has increased policing patrols across parts of London in order to provide a visible presence and reassurance to our communities.

    "We remain in contact with partners and community leaders to listen to any concerns. Anyone who experiences threatening behaviour or is worried about their safety is urged to contact police. "We are aware that the ongoing conflict may lead to protests over the coming days. We will ensure that an appropriate policing plan is in place in order to balance the right to protest against any disruption to Londoners."

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    The escalation in Israel was sparked by Hamas launching more than 5,000 rockets into Israel in a surprise assault today (Saturday, October 7).

    The attack by the group designated a terrorist organisation by the UK Government in 2021 was launched on the last day of the Jewish High Holiday of Succot, as well as Shabbat, when the vast majority of the country's population were in synagogues to celebrate the festival. Within minutes, social media was filled with photos and videos of Hamas terrorists taking Israeli residents hostage, brutalising them and murdering them.

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