Spaceship theme park blasted for caging one of Earths most powerful predators

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    A futuristic spaceship theme park has sparked fury after opening last week with a tank of killer whales.

    Last week, theme park fans' jaws dropped to the floor as Chimelong Theme Park in Zuhai, China which has soft launched boasting numerous record-breaking attractions. Opening as the world's biggest indoor theme park, it only makes sense that it has the world's biggest wave pool.

    Despite looking like a giant UFO that's landed on Earth ready to abduct the entire human race, Chimelong is less of a Star Wars / Star Trek Mecca, and more catered to lovers of the sea and everything that lives within it. Visitors can expect to feast their eyes on some 150,000 marine animals of more than 400 species.

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    We've covered many SeaWorld orca stories over the years and you can catch up on them here.

    But it's one species in particular that has left animal rights campaigners PETA not only disgusted but scratching their heads. with a 12.4 million gallon main tank becoming home to show performing orcas. According to PETA Asia’s Vice President Jason Baker, nine killer whales were snatched from the ocean as youngsters to live instead in what he describes as a "shoddy facility".

    Jason told the Daily Star: "In nature, these animals travel more than 100 miles each day with their family, feeling the ocean currents and raising and teaching their offspring – but when held captive for entertainment, they’re denied the opportunity to satisfy their basic needs."

    Visitors to the Spaceship will find the orcas in the aptly named Whale Universe which given the size of the place is just one of 15 themed areas. And if you've ever fancied getting a taste of being in the middle of a storm without – you know – the life threatening aspect then you'll most likely lap up another world's largest, in the shape of a motion simulator named Bermuda Storm.

    The decision to open a brand new aquarium with giant predators of the wild, is at odds with the fact years of campaigning has now pushed global behemoth, SeaWorld to stop 'imprisoning' them. In fact, the newest SeaWorld which opened in Abu Dhabi earlier this year, has no orcas to be seen.

    Jason added: "While notorious abusement park operator SeaWorld has ended its orca breeding program, Chimelong Group is moving in the opposite, wrong direction in a misguided money-making bid. PETA's Asia VP claims: "Nine orcas were torn away from their families in the ocean when they were just babies, and they have since been imprisoned in tiny tanks at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom.

    He continued: "At this shoddy facility, orcas are given anti-anxiety drugs to deal with the stress of their confinement, and when they’re not swimming in endless circles, they are forced to perform tricks for tourists. PETA urges Chimelong Group to do right by orcas by funding the creation of coastal sanctuaries where these animals can enjoy some semblance of a natural life."

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