Ten metre waves and 100mph winds to strike Spain hours after Storm Ciaran

Storm Ciaran: Bodyboarders brave waves in Exmouth

Spain’s Met Office, Aemet, has named the next incoming storm Domingos, ahead of its expected landfall on Saturday.

Domingos’ landfall comes less than two days after Storm Ciaran wreaked havoc across Europe, including in the UK.

Storm Ciaran has caused more than 12 deaths across Western Europe, and many countries are still recovering from the widespread devastation and floodwaters.

On Thursday, Ciaran unleashed winds of 207km/h (129 mph) and lashed southern England, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, as well as the Atlantic coast of Spain and Portugal.

While Domingos is set to reach France on Saturday, according to Météo-France, the brunt of the storm will hit the Iberian peninsula.

François Gouraud, from Météo-France, said that Domingos will have “much less of an impact on France than Ciaran” although there will be a “fairly substantial spell of rain” and “big waves” on the coast.

He said that waves could reach more than ten metres between Friday and Saturday.

Domingos is set to intensify across Saturday and reach its peak on Saturday night.

Gilles Matricon, a French meteorologist for La Chaîne Météo, said that winds from Domingos could reach up to 100 km/h inland, and even 120-130 km/h along the Atlantic coast in France.

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Mr Matricon also remarked that Ciaran was the second strongest storm in France since 1950, behind the storm of October 1987.

Rubén del Campo, a spokesman for Aemet, told El Pais that Storm Domingos “will circulate between the Iberian Peninsula and the British Isles and its effects will be felt especially on Saturday”.

He warned that the northwest of the peninsula as well as the Balearic Islands face strong gusts of wind of more than 70 to 80km/ph inland, and up to 100 km/ph in coastal and mountain areas.

Del Campo said that Sunday “will also bring a significant sea storm, with waves that could reach or exceed eight metres in the Galician Atlantic and the Bay of Biscay and five metres in the Mediterranean”.

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Storm Domnigos has prompted Aemet weather warnings for 13 regions, with orange warnings in Andalusia, Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla y Leon, Galicia, the Basque Country and La Rioja.

Yellow weather warnings are in effect in Aragon, the Balearic Islands, Castilla-La Mancha, Catalonia, the Community of Madrid and the Community of Valencia.

The heaviest and most persistent rainfall will occur in Galicia as well as in the central Pyrenees.

Nick Finnis, a meteorologist from Netweather, warned that the impact of Domingos will be felt in the UK as well.

He tweeted this morning: “Centre of Storm Domingos #BorrascaDomingos runs east along S coast later tomorrow, bringing v strong winds to west coast of France, perhaps 80mph gusts.

“Rain more the issue here, S England & S Wales rain+showers may bring 30-40mm, many flood warnings already in force.”

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