Two out-of-control ‘Bull breed’ dogs shot by cops after mauling walker

A dog attack has seen two out-of-control "Bull-breed" canines being shot by police after a walker was allegedly mauled.

The Force intervened on the two animals on Handsworth Road in Sheffield, which has been partly closed since 9am today (December 3) after three dogs were reportedly running loose in the street.

A search of the area from police was interrupted by further reports of two dogs, believed to be of a bull breed, had escaped from a property and attacked another dog and its owner in the street

Injuries sustained at the scene required veterinary treatment for the dog, while the dog owner was hospitalised. A man has been arrested in connection with the dog attacks.

The dogs are believed to have become increasingly aggressive toward attending officers and were subsequently deemed to pose a risk to members of the public, according to South Yorkshire Police.

Firearms officers then destroyed the dogs to prevent any further risk of attack or injuries. A third dog was also contained by officers, and has since been seized.

A 27-year-old man from Sheffield has been arrested on suspicion of having a dog dangerously out of control and remains in police custody. It is not yet known what breed of dog was shot and seized though they were described as "Bully-type".

XL Bully dogs are set to be banned in the new year, with just weeks to go before members of the public are told to chip their dangerous dog or have it put down at a vet in exchange for cash.

A 62-strong protest to prove the breed is "safe" was conducted earlier this year, as dog owners lined a field with their beloved pets and made it clear they were not willing to let their animals go.

Animals leftover in the pound once the ban is passed are set to be put down while XL Bully pets, which were deemed a "danger to our communities" by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, must be neutered, muzzled and kept on a lead.

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