UKs poshest area descends into crime-ridden GTA neighbourhood under siege

The UK's so-called "poshest area" has fallen victim to cruel crimes sprees with lowlifes stealing supercars and running amok.

The Grand Theft Auto-esque scheming has seen pricey motors stolen in mere seconds as criminals take cheap-as-chips key jammers bought online to the up-market vehicles.

And it's all unravelling in the surprising location of Chelsea, London, often dubbed the poshest place in the UK and certainly in the big smoke. One expert says a spate of machete crime has also been plaguing the postcode with threats about chopping fingers off if people don't comply.

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James Thompson, chair of heritage group The Chelsea Society, told The Sun: "We have had a spate of machete guys going for women and taking their watches. One happened right opposite, they said 'if you don't give us your ring we'll cut your fingers off'."

Chauffeur Asen says one of his clients was robbed at knife point in 2021 for a gold Patek Philippe watch as he sat outside a posh café which prompted the victim to sell his £1.5million collection. The watch in question retails for £100,000.

"They passed about two or three times, then all of a sudden they stopped," he recalled. "One of the guys took the knife, faced him and said 'give me the watch' He put the knife into his wrist and slit the strap, he had like twelve stitches after."

It's also reported that Ferraris and Range Rovers retailing in some cases for six-figure sums have been pinched in a matter of moments in the well-to-do area as part of sophisticated heists.

The area serves as a magnet for high-end cars. One viral TikTok video revealed a balaclava-wearing criminal in a stolen Ferrari bragging about his success saying "no one’s out here doing it like me bruv".

Other video clips show doorbell footage of thieves peering into luxury cars parked up on the area's streets. It's thought they are 'checking them out' ahead of attempting to snatch them.

Some footage shows cars broken into in real-time, taking mere seconds, before being driven off. And it's all made possible by a hi-tech gadget which is growing in huge numbers.

Known as 'jammers' the device works by the criminal pressing a button on a remote key fob to an owner’s car as they get out, leaving the vehicle unlocked. As the owner uses their fob to electronically lock the car, they then walk away not knowing the thief’s device has left it open.

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