‘World’s hottest scientist’ responds to cheeky ‘single millionaires’ question

A geoscientist dubbed the “world’s sexiest” has shared a top tip for running into millionaires.

Rosie Moore took to Instagram to discuss remote sensing technology that allows geoscientists to identify and gather data on animals using drones. But one person wrote in with an alternative use for the hi-tech kit – finding a rich partner.

The follower wrote in asking: “Can you use Landsat data to highlight all the millionaires that are single in a specific zip code” (postcode)? Rosie took the question in her stride, despite having previously posted a story on Instagram about the ingenious ways this technology can be used to identify seals, elephants and even pythons.

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She replied: “The answer is no. But, we can use census data in ArcPro (GIS with no remote sensing component) and run a hot spot analysis to find areas of high concentration. Then we jog there every morning.”

Her casual, informative yet funny answer nailed the brief, but came off the back of her discussing the value of deep learning models to “track terrestrial megafauna”. She appeared in front of a series of images taken from drones from a bird’s eye view with coloured rectangles identifying animals.

It showed otherwise hard-to-spot beasts in their habitats, highlighting how the technology can help scientists keep tabs on groups of animals. She discussed how a “pre-trained model can be used to detect elephants in Africa", but said the tech wasn’t ideal for detecting pythons.

“While it is a large animal, they’re extremely cryptic,” she said. “They’re always underneath tree canopies or in the water etcetera.” This, she said, made it “hard to train a model to ID them”.

She said it was more common to use hyperspectral imagery instead, which “assigns every individual object like a tree or an animal its own individual signature”.

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