Hero British woman rammed car through roadblock as Hamas gunmen opened fire

A brave British woman rescued four young people at a festival in Israel, using her car to ram through a roadblock as Hamas gunmen opened fire on the vehicle.

British-born Noa Beer, 29, who now lives in Tel Aviv, was one of the survivors of the Nova Festival massacre, in which at least 270 people were murdered on Saturday.

Thousands at the electronic music event were partying in the early morning when Hamas fighters attacked the venue, just three miles from the border with Gaza.

Music agent Ms Beer, who was with a foreign DJ at the event, managed to get away despite being surrounded by terrorists โ€œfiring like crazyโ€ at her.

She told BBC North West Tonight: “I honestly did not think I was going to make it.

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“I was a combat soldier in the Army and it was pure instinct that got us out.”

“About three minutes after they told us to get out of the area, I was in a car with the DJ.

“We were very lucky to have a car in the VIP section, and the fact that we had our backpacks and we didn’t have any tents made us able to leave very quickly.”

When they arrived at the roadblock, Ms Beer rapidly realised it was not manned by Israeli soldiers.

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Police evacuate crowd from Supernova festival before Hamas attack

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She explained: “Israeli soldiers wear green vests and they had black vests. That was when I understood that they weren’t soldiers.

“They were all round us, surrounding the car completely. They started shooting at us.

“They were just shooting at us like crazy.”

Incredibly, Ms Beer and her friend managed to drag three people, one of whom had been shot in the leg, into the car before ramming through the road block and getting away.

She added: “The moment we were clear from the shooting, the only thing I had in my mind was getting the injured to the hospital.

“People came to rave and enjoy themselves, they weren’t with weapons, they had no way to defend themselves and they just came into the party and shot everyone.

Ms Beer, who has family in Manchester, continued: โ€œI have so many friends whose parents have no idea where they are, so many people who have lost their lives.

“The world needs to know that these are people of love and peace and happiness who just came to party and were murdered with no way to defend themselves. I’m the lucky one.”

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