Locals raging town will morph into Disneyland-on-sea full of screaming kids

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    Brits are fuming that their idyllic sleepy coastal town is being turned into a “Disneyland-on-sea”.

    Residents of Seaford, East Sussex aren’t happy with plans to build an educational community garden. They say they don’t want swarms of screaming kids plaguing their town.

    The garden application would see the learning facility built between rows of seafront homes. The planters, sculptures and seating will overlook the stunning English Channel.

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    It will act as a learning facility to educate children on climate change. It will also come with improved pedestrian walkways and cycle lanes for the area.

    One homeowner slammed plans to build on the meadow area near his seafront home. Another branded the plans “Disneyland-on-sea”

    According to the Sun Online, they said it is “Disneyland by the Sea, attracting coach loads of noisy children excited at the thought of cultivated flowers in rusting steel containers and mothers with screaming babies and toddlers sitting on Disney seating and yet more fish-inspired sculptures”.

    Kevin Gibbs, 73, told the publication: “I don’t like it and I don’t think it’s the right thing for this area at all. You’re going to get busloads of kids coming down on school trips and it will get very busy.

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    “They should spend the money on improving the seafront toilets rather than wasting money on gardens. I am disabled and the toilet facilities on the seafront are absolutely dire and in the summer the place is dreadful.

    “After 5pm they lock the toilets and you get people using this whole area as an open toilet – it’s disgusting. Instead of concentrating their efforts on new gardens, they should improve the facilities they already have.”

    While Sarah Austin complained residents struggle with parking as it is, claiming that adding the garden project will only make things worse. She said: "If you’ve got buses and all sorts of vehicles coming down here it is going to be crazy.”

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    However, some weren't totally against the idea. Diana Chesildene-Culley, 79, told the publication: “I think it is a nice idea and a good use of that land but it has to be managed properly.

    "We want it to be an asset to the area and it needs to be looked after. It would be bad if it was vandalised or left to go to wrack and ruin but I’m broadly in favour of it.”

    The scheme had been proposed by a partnership known as Ouse Valley Climate Action, which has secured funding from the National Lottery through a bid led by the South Downs National Park Authority.

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