McDonald’s staff wowed as Mia Khalifa turns up – but won’t give her extra sauce

Former adult star Mia Khalifa turned up to a McDonald's in a rural French commune and was left disappointed when the staff refused to give her extra sauce.

The social media influencer has been on a world tour for the last few years, sampling the sights and sounds of many top tourist destinations including the UK. And she has now rocked up in France, to the shock of many locals.

Khalifa took to Instagram to share footage of herself having photos taken with all the staff of a branch of the fast food chain in Chamonix. The shocked servers stood inside the drive-thru hatch while Lebanon-born Khalifa gave a peace sign and thumbs up.

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More staff could be seen watching the chaos in disbelief, with Khalifa praising them on her Instagram despite being turned down for her request for extra sauce. She wrote: “I did not get any extra free sauce, they have integrity at the Chamonix branch.”

The video was taken by famed Miami vintage furniture shop owner Jonathan Sacnehz-Obias, who has been spotted with the 30-year-old on many occasions during her jaunts around the globe. Before surprising the staff, the pair went to Grenoble in France where they took a trip on a cable car after sampling some gourmet delights with a posh meal featuring steak, French cheese and escargot – or snails to those unable to understand French.

The trip comes after she was seen at a gala fashion dinner in Italy, hosted by top football club AC Milan. AC Milan have long had strong ties with the fashion world given the city's status as one of the industry's global hotspots. And certain stars were in attendance for a gala event to celebrate the club's collaboration with Off White, one of whom was Khalifa.

Images emerged of the Lebanese star smiling wide while posing for a photograph alongside Italian rapper Fedez. The businesswoman also runs a jewellery and clothing company called Sheytan, which was reportedly part of why she was invited.

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