Woman savagely mauled by own pets after she was caught in Rottweiler crossfire

A woman was savagely mauled and left in a horrific condition after getting “caught in a crossfire” between her two warring Rottweilers.

Nikita Piil is the 31-year-old owner of Bronx and Harlem, the two dogs she often referred to as her “babies”. But something went horribly wrong at her home in Perth, Australia on September 16, when neighbours heard blood-curdling screams coming from her garden.

It emerged that the two dogs were attacking her as she tried to break the beasts apart, with police forced to use tasers followed by live firearms in a desperate attempt to save the woman. One of the two dogs was injured and was later euthanised as a result.

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Neighbour Bryn Spencer told local news channels that he could do nothing but “watch” as she was “mauled apart” while he tried to distract the dogs by “smacking the fence with a bat”. He also said another neighbour kept spraying the dogs with water to try to get them off the woman.

She was rushed to hospital where she had emergency surgery to save her right arm, with a GoFundMe being launched to cover the cost. And now the family has spoken out, claiming that the dogs were being “calmed” by the woman after an “incident” occurred in the area.

They did not specify what that was, however. The joint statement, from relatives Ric, Denise and Natasha Piil, said: “Our gorgeous Kita has been in the hospital due to the devastating and unnecessary dog attack, as seen on the news.

“Our family have been trying to avoid publicity as this is a very tough time for us and we do not want our darling Kita to re-live what has recently happened. We want her story to get out there when she’s ready.

“She loved and adored her dogs, and her friends and family have witnessed how much they loved her too. Unfortunately she got caught in a crossfire calming her dogs down due to an incident within the neighbourhood.”

The fundraisers, which has a target of around £8,000, has so far hit just over £6,000.

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